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Reliable sea logistics is one of the most vital parts of a successful oil chain from production to the final customer. Eira Shipping works to achive the best possible chartering solutions for the customer . With a long experience and a global network (together with practice working in harsh operative weather conditions) Eira Shipping offers efficient and independent service to our present and future customers.

Expertise around harsh weather

Knowledge about ice



Smooth and correct post fixture operations and documentation is the key to customer satisfaction. Eira Shipping has a long experience of the whole operational process working together with our partners and personnel on board and on shore. Our aim is to provide our customers first class post fixture operations including fast and correct solutions for their needs.


On board and on shore



Time charter contracts can be used as a risk management tool for both owners and chartering companies to limit commercial and tanker position risks. These contracts provide control over required tonnage and a possibility to optimize transportation requirements. For a chartering company, a time charter contract offers competitiveness in marine operations and fulfils environmental regulations.

Understanding environmental regulations

Limitation of risks with time charter contracts



Eira shipping offers commercial management services. With Eira Shipping's network and experience we will optimize tankers utilization and plan the best possible optimization for voyages with different  chartering contracts. 

Global network

Optimization for voyages



Eira Shipping new build project's aspiration is to develop new build solutions together with first class partner's, which resonate with customers expectations of competitiveness, environmental requirements and sustainable development.
Energy efficiency and performance of the vessels are vital elements for the success of full projects.  We are working together with ship yards in Europe and in Far-East. In addition , we have close connections with major sub constructors for engine room solutions, electricity production and performance optimization. 
With our partners and our knowledge we can provide professional and convincing solutions for complete projects. As an example we cooperate with Aker ArcticFKAB, Delta Marine, Lamor , Major engine manufacturer and we are part of Tekes Arctic Seas Program.

Complete new build projects

Problem solving with first class partners


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